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Love Rallying but Hate Docco?

Love Rallying but Hate Docco?

In an effort to streamline our membership and entry process, we’ve made a few changes to the way we do things. Many of you would have noticed that on our shiny new website, we also have a new membership sign up procedure. *ALL* renewing and new AMSAG Members will need to use this form to activate their membership for 2019. The new process will capture all your info and lets you upload your licences, so you won’t need to have it verified at Documentation. How good is that?!

If you’ve used the online form, then in the last week you would have received an email with your NEW AMSAG MEMBER ID. This new ID will replace your old AMSAG Member Number. Check your email and make sure you received it.

If you have NOT used the online form, please do so by clicking this link ->

If you’re competing at Rosewood, make sure you jump online and get that form filled out, it’s a lot quicker than having to fill out the form in the Docco line (and your fellow competitors and Docco Officials will thank you!). Yes, we will make you stand there and fill out ALL your details while everyone grumbles at you for not doing the ridiculously easy online form!

Upload feature – On the online form there are now 2 fields where you can upload a picture of your Competition Licence and Civil Licence (this is a new addition, so if you didn’t see this option when you signed up, don’t worry – we’re creating a Member Portal where you will be able to upload this info yourself later on). Competitors who upload a picture of their licences will no longer need to have them verified by their Scrutineer or at Documentation (this will be helpful for those with Navigators who live out of town as their details will already be on our system if they are a member).

If you’ve already entered Rosewood Rally with your old AMSAG ID number, don’t worry – we’ll update that info for you.
Any member who has used the online form, but has NOT received an email is able to PM us here with their email address and we’ll re-send that info to you.

If you missed out on the upload feature and REALLY want to be verified quickly for this event – send us an email at with a jpg or png picture (take a clear snap with your mobile) of your Licences and we’ll upload them for you, ready for Rosewood!

This initiative has been made in an effort to speed up our Documentation process so you spend less time on the phone asking for Licence numbers, less time in line at Docco having them verified… and more time getting your rally car ready to race!

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