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Season Pass

AMSAG Season Pass

By completing the following form, you will be automatically entered into the 6 events forming part of the 2020 AMSAG Pipe King Southern Cross Rally Series.
Upon publication of the individual event Supplementary Regulations, an email will be sent to you. You will need to reply to the email within 24hrs to obtain priority entry for that event.
If changes need to be made to the Entry you submit below, such as change of Navigator or Car etc, you can advise them to AMSAG via return email.

If you only want to enter a single event, and not sign up for a Season Pass, please head to the individual event page to submit an entry into that event only. Entries will open for the individual events once the Supplementary Regulations are released.

Current Season Pass Holders

Damian FrizellTodd McDonald1996 Mitsubishi EVO
Col PogsonDavid Williams1998 Holden Commodore
David WilliamsCol Pogson1980 Toyota Corolla Coupe

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