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Introducing the AMSAG Season Pass

In an effort to try and ease the pressure of submitting an entry for events, AMSAG are now offering a Season Pass to our competitors.

The Season Pass will enable competitors to submit all of the required details for an entry such as Driver and Navigator Names, Licence & Vehicle details in one simple online form.

By completing the form, competitors will automatically be entered into all of the events for the 2019 Pipe King AMSAG Southern Cross Rally Series.

Then when the Supplementary Regulations are released, an event confirmation email will be sent to the address supplied on the Season Pass form for you to confirm you still wish to enter and arrange payment of the Entry Fee.

The completed Season Pass form will also speed up the Scrutineering and Event Documentation checks as your Licence and Membership details will already be confirmed via the form and only a visual check of your licences will need to be completed at your first event.

If a competitor needs to make a change to their submission throughout the season, such as change of vehicle or crew member etc. they can do so upon receipt of the individual event confirmation email by simply replying to the email with the necessary changes and the entry for that event will be updated accordingly.

The Season Pass does not prevent entries being made for individual events, you can still choose to enter on an Event by Event basis, however this method will simplify the process for those who intend on entering multiple events this year.

As an added incentive to entering the 2019 Wagga Trucks Rosewood Rally by using the Season Pass form, for those who sign up before 15th March (Friday before close of entries), you will receive a 24 hour priority access before Supplementary Regulations are released on future events to confirm and secure your entry.  Anyone who has already entered the 2019 Wagga Trucks Rosewood Rally can sign up for a Season Pass before 15th March and receive the same benefit.

Please note that all fields will be required to be entered, this includes Civil and Competition Licence details for both Driver and Navigator as well as vehicle details. So please ensure you have all of the details ready to go when you start to submit the form. The reason for this is so we obtain all of the required details up front and then only complete a visual check at your first Event Documentation. It is done to make things easier in the long run, so please be prepared before trying to submit.

The Season Pass form can be accessed here: – Season Pass

If you are unsure of your AMSAG Member ID, you can search for it here: – AMSAG Member ID Search

If you have any questions, please email