Important update from the Bago Rally Director

26th July 2023
An update from the event director of the Bago Rally.

An Update Regarding the Event from Event Director, Peter Leicht. 

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the numerous changes that have been made to this event. I am pleased to inform you that it is still proceeding, albeit on altered stages.

The Falken Tyres Bago150 Rally has been one of the most challenging projects I have undertaken, and its successful execution is indebted to the hardworking individuals who surround me, namely Scott Keys, Michael Bannon and other members of AMSAG, as well as the members of the Hastings Valley Sporting Car Club. Their unwavering commitment makes it all worthwhile.

The adjustments made to the stages, and our efforts in the forests to ensure a memorable experience for the competitors, spectators, and everyone involved have been arduous, to say the least.

As some of you may have noticed through my various posts on the Hastings Valley Sporting Car Club Facebook page, I have aimed to add a touch of humor to lighten the mood of this event. We had initially advertised the Royal Hotel Kew as the finishing point and after-party venue. However, as of this morning, we received a phone call from the owners, who realized that they had double-booked the venue for the local rugby league semi-final on the same day. Which will mean we can no longer use the venue. 

Nevertheless, determined to ensure the event's continuation, I promptly contacted the Wauchope Country Club, and with the gracious assistance of Letitia, we secured the venue for our finishing function. I extend my sincere gratitude to the Wauchope Country Club for accommodating us at such short notice.

There were also plans to host a stage in Coopernook forest, but due to conflicts with residents, who prohibited us from running past their residence, albeit on Forestry Roads, as well as the presence of a group of wild cattle in the area, the safety risks were too great for competitors.

Countless hours were spent by myself and fellow committee members, including Chris Cherry and Rodney Phillips, attempting to resolve these issues all to no avail. It was yet another challenge we had to surmount which was not foreseen when we began the journey of planning the event. 

I would like to express my thanks to Leah from Forestry Corporation NSW for advocating on our behalf. Although we were initially told there would be no further changes to the event, I contacted her early Tuesday morning to explain our predicament and the need for an alternative route. Her dedicated efforts went above and beyond, and I am incredibly grateful for her support in making this event a reality.

I hope that all competitors and officials understand the immense efforts we have invested in organizing this event. I acknowledge that there may be some inconvenience caused by the changes, particularly for those who have already booked accommodations and planned their weekends. Regrettably, these circumstances were beyond our control.

I extend my gratitude to Barbara from Falken Tyres Australia and Momo for their invaluable contributions to our officials' packs. 

To Scott Keys, your unwavering support, countless hours spent in the bush modifying roadbooks, and managing your businesses concurrently deserve special recognition.

I would also like to thank Ben Farrawell from Subway in Port Macquarie for generously assisting with the provisions for our officials, the presence of Jim's Coffee Van at the service park to provide breakfast and the effort of the wives, husbands, and girlfriends of the Hastings Valley Sporting Car Club members who will be involved in cooking food on the day are deeply appreciated. Special thanks go to my sister, Kay, and the Carney family.

To Michael Hutchins, the AMSAG Officials Coordinator, and Arthur Evans, the Event Checker, along with all others involved in making this event a reality, your dedication is sincerely acknowledged.

Lastly, there are two individuals I must express my heartfelt gratitude to. Firstly, my wonderful wife, Joanne, who also serves as the HVSCC Club Treasurer, for her unwavering support and patience throughout my involvement in this Rally over the past few months. And last but not least, my dear friend Bernie Keast, who assumed the role of Assistant Rally Director and has been a calming influence throughout this entire process.

We eagerly anticipate seeing all of you on Saturday, 12 August, and I am looking forward to a splendid Bago150 Rally. Once again, thank you for your support.


Peter Leicht Director, Bago150 Rally

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