Bulletin 1 released for the 2023 Bago 150 Rally

28th June 2023
Bulletin 1 is now available regarding increase of Reserve Entry List

What's better than a full tank of Fuel?
A chock-full entry list more than a month out from close of entries.

We're so full that we've also filled the Reserve Entry List already.

As a result, we've made the decision to increase the reserve list from 5 to 10.

We do know there is a high likelihood that there will be some entry withdrawals between now and the event, so there is a chance that most if not all the reserve entries will get a run. For any that don't make the main list due to other withdrawals, we will make every opportunity to try and fit you in as well. We just can't make any guarantees at this point in time.

Bulletin 1 can be found on the event page on the website. 

Website: 2023 Bago 150 Rally Event Page

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