2022 Dimension 1 Oberon Rally Update - 04/11/2022

4th November 2022

Yes, the event is still proceeding. Weather has been perfect today during set up and the stages are looking great.

A few housekeeping matters to hand:-

* If you need to contact Rally HQ, please call 0458 004 778 - due to poor mobile reception in the hall, this is the only phone that will be contactable during the weekend within Rally HQ

* When setting up in the Service Park please be cautious of where you park your service vehicles. Particularly if they are larger vehicles or trucks. Whilst the weather has been dry today, there are some sections of the service area that are still very wet underfoot, and we don't want you getting bogged. A reminder also that no service vehicles are to set up under the awning of the old servo which is across the road from the Service Park. This comes following complaints from local residents following last year's event.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

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