AMSAG Social Dinner announced

17th June 2022

A message from the AMSAG Social Secretary, Michelle Munachen.

Last year, I sent out an email asking people what sort of social events they would like more of for AMSAG however COVID decided to mess up the plans.

So now I am taking advantage of a free weekend (sadly due to the known cancellation of Taree).

Let’s make the most of it and still catch up with our rally friends.

Share a yarn and relax with dinner & drinks without the stress of strapping down a car to head home.

Where: Richmond Club, 6 E Market St Richmond NSW

When: July 23rd @ 6pm

Cost: $38 pp

Ticket Purchases & Payment required by July 9 - Head to the AMSAG Store now to purchase your tickets.


ALL Welcome!

Website: AMSAG Store
For more information download this document

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