Important advice to all members regarding NSW Rally Rego


Transport for NSW (formally Roads and Maritime Services) have advised that due to the current Public Health Orders in force by the NSW Government their public facing arm Service NSW have had to make changes to their operations.

These changes will result in a restriction of access to the Service NSW centres to only deal with essential services.  If your transaction is not essential, then you should avoid visiting a Service NSW centre.

To clarify, Transport for NSW have advised that as NSW Rally Rego is a Conditional Registration, therefore they do not deem applying or renewing NSW Rally Rego as an essential service. Under the current guidelines, anyone who attends a Service NSW centre to apply for or renew NSW Rally Rego may be turned away by their staff.

Transport for NSW acknowledges that the Public Health Orders may be in force for several more weeks, and this may in turn affect upcoming renewals. Under normal circumstances a person must present their approved paperwork to a Service NSW centre within 42 days of having the vehicle inspected and their paperwork being approved by either AMSAG or Motorsport Australia.

As such, they have agreed to honour approved applications where an inspection has been completed in excess of the current 42 day period.

As a result, effective immediately, AMSAG will be placing a temporary hold on approving both new applications and renewal applications for NSW Rally Rego. We ask that all members who have an upcoming renewal to hold off on having your vehicle inspected. This also applies if you are planning on having your car placed onto the rego scheme. We will advise once the Service NSW restrictions are eased, at which point we will welcome applications to be submitted.

In the instance where you forward an application to us in the meantime, we will hold onto the paperwork until the restrictions are lifted, at which point we will then process the approvals and return the paperwork to you for you to then attend Service NSW.

In the event where a vehicle with current NSW Rally Rego expires due to the above measures, Transport for NSW have confirmed that if a vehicle needs to be moved for essential purposes, you will be able to apply for an Unregistered Vehicle Permit in order to move the vehicle from one location to another.

For those who have received approved paperwork from AMSAG within the last 14 days but have not yet taken their paperwork into a Service NSW centre, please contact us to let us know so we can arrange replacement paperwork once restrictions are lifted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email for further assistance.