North Coast Rally Update

Category: Event Updates

Firstly we would like to express our condolences to the LCCC and organising team of the Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages Rally, it's never an easy thing to have to cancel an event so close to the start especially when it is due to circumstances out of your control. 

As a result of the event cancellation we have seen an influx of entries for the North Coast Rally. 

We are currently sitting at 46 entries received. The initial limit was 55 Entries with 5 reserves. We have now decided to increase that to a total number of 60 entries. 

Any entries received beyond the 60 car limit will then be put onto a reserve list. If we exceed 60 entries, any entries on the main list will have until Tuesday 6:00pm to have your payment finalised before your entry is given to the first fully paid reserve entry.

If your entry has not been marked as paid on the Entries Received List but you have made payment, please email a copy of your payment confirmation to ASAP so we can update your entry.

With regards to the weather on the North Coast, there has also been fairly constant rainfall over the last few days, however the forecast for next week and the day of the event is looking positive at this stage. We will keep everyone updated of any changes as they come to hand.