Changes to NSW Health recommendations


The latest NSW Health recommendations regarding Community Sports have now been released.

With effect from 26 September, Inter-Regional Sports may recommence. This is fantastic news as it means we can now push full steam ahead with our planning for the next round of the Pipe King Southern Cross Rally Series which will be the North Coast Rally on 7th November. 

This event will be based out of the Macksville area with stages running to the North and South of Macksville.

The next round of the Midstate Freight Rallysprint Series will be run on 21st November and will be based out of Black Springs.

Details for both of these events will be released as they draw nearer.

In further good news the relaxing of recommendations also means that the restrictions put in place for the Wagga Car Clubs Rosewood Rallysprint have also been relaxed. This means people may now attend the event from outside of the Riverina region, provided they still adhere to the restrictions noted in the Supplementary Regulations regarding persons who have attended any of the reported case locations in the 14 days leading up to the event (the 14 day window begins tomorrow 26th September). 

Up to date information on reported case locations can be found here:- NSW Health - Case Locations and Alerts

Entries to the Rosewood Rallysprint are limited to 25 with 11 spots already filled. Please note that this is an event being conducted by Wagga and Districts Car Club, not AMSAG. Therefore if entries are over subscribed, priority will be given to Wagga and Districts Car Club members. However as the event is being run under a AMSAG Rallysprint Regulations, all competitors must be an AMSAG Competitive Member. Single Day Memberships are available for whose who are only wanting to run this event and are not an AMSAG Competitive Member already.

To enter the event, head over to the Rosewood Rallysprint Event Page by clicking here and the click the Purchase Tickets link.